Thursday, January 20, 2005

I'm still learning

I managed to post a photo don't know how I did it but it worked, I managed to put something else on trying but oh well I will improve at this I hope. The photo doesn't do the wool justice though it is a much brighter purple with a pink fleck in it. I have started the border and I think it will look ok. Attempting one photo is more than enough for now though.


Suzi said...

Hey Sharon!

It's great to see a new knit blogger, especially a fellow Launceston Snb'er.
I'll be bookmarking your blog and checking back to see what your doing.
The throw rug looks really good I can't wait to see the pink trim when it goes on.


Katt said...

Hey Sharon!
Glad to see the blogging bug has caught on! Look forward to reading more on your blog!