Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Is It Too Hot To Knit???

It has to be pretty hot before I say yes. BUT I'm thinking that maybe it is just about too hot for me to do any. I did manage to do a bit of the sock last night. The kids have still managed to run around outside and play cricket, it amazes me how they can manage to do that. I know it is a lot hotter in other parts of Australia, but I think you can handle it better if you have consistent weather. In Tassie it can be cold one day and hot the next and it is hard to climatise. I'm off to watch the tennis now, great that we have two Aussies playing on Australia Day, even though I would like to see Hewitt tone down his antics on the court, it is a bit over the top I think.


Suzi said...

I accomplished half a mitten today, I failed to do anything last night because I was simply too hot. Is it my imagination or does it get hotter as the day turns to night?
I really don't like admitting it, but I think it is getting too hot to knit.


Katt said...

Hmmmmm I considered it being too hot today but braved it and did some knitting (knitted two mug huggers (pics are on my blog).
Though I am with you its starting to get a little too hot. We made it to 30Degrees finally...Tassies actual WEATHER might not get as high as the mainlands but our humidity makes up for it! YUCK