Thursday, January 20, 2005

I,ve Taken The Plunge

After spending hours reading other peoples blogs I decided I would have one too. I am new to computers so I am learning as i go along.

As you can probably guess from the title I love knitting and anything related to knitting. I am married with 3 children, Janelle 12, Hayden 9, and Ashley 7. I live in Launceston, Tasmania and also enjoy cooking. At the moment I am knitting a throw rug for Janelle out of Filatura Di Crosa Oxford and as it has a pink fleck in it I have decided to add a pink mohair border to it. I won the wool on ebay and the pink mohair is from Bendigo Woollen Mills. I will post a photo when I work out how to do it.

'oh if housework was as much fun as knitting'

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