Friday, January 28, 2005

Janelles throw rug is finished at last, she has her own style with colours, clothes and decorating, we call it Janellish and this is definately Janellish. It has been so hot the last few days, I could only sew a small bit of the edge at a time because having a rug on your lap is not much fun. The picture doesn't show up the pink fleck in the purple which is the exact same colour as the trim. I used a babies blanket pattern out of a Debbie Bliss book. My sister is having a baby so I will knit one for her because it is an easy peasy pattern. Posted by Hello


Suzi said...

Oh wow! That looks really amzing! I love the idea of Janellish that is so cool.


Katt said...

Man that is so gorgeous Sharon!!! And being as I have seen the main blanket up close it makes it even better! lol...You did a great job.