Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I am calling this snowflake, I started it the other day for Janelle. It is one of those patterns that you will only do when you have no distractions around. I found the pattern in a Sandra magazine that I picked up at the op shop. It is knitted all in one crossways starting at the sleeve. It was supposed to be knitted in a 10 ply so I have doubled 5ply. Tension is the same so it should work. The white layers in between the fair isle and cable sections looks like snow and are knitted in powder puff. It will probably take ages to do but the end result will be worth it I hope. Posted by Hello


Katt said...

Ooooooh that looks like its gonna come out really pretty!

Suzi said...

That is very effective looking, what are you making it out of?