Saturday, February 05, 2005

Bluebell Top Is Started

Well I bit the bullet and started knitting the top. How hard can it be, now come on I have been knitting for years now and I am letting a little bit of lace scare me. You bet I am. Well anyway after casting on the 323sts needed (its all knitted in one piece) big breaths in and off I wentK2tog., yfwd, k1, ywfd, sl1, k1, psso...............I did it, I got to the end and had no stitches left over. Okay row 2 easy, Purl. I am happy to say I am now up to the 17th row and have done enough now to know when something is not quite right. Just another 13 rows and I am up to a 2 row repeat, and I can stop getting heart palps. everytime I'm nearing the end of a row. Funny isn't it how a knitting pattern can have a grown woman breaking out into a sweat. I will post a pic. when I have done some more. I have knitted lace before, but I have flown in a plane many times before also, but I still am scared shitless everytime I have to go up in one. So it is with lace patterns.

Speaking of planes I'm going to Shepparton for a wedding next weekend so I have to go in one, which I'm not looking forward to at all. I am hoping to take a detour on the way up and visit Bendigo Woollen Mills, but DH and DD who are coming with me aren't real keen on adding an extra hour driving up there. I'm hoping there is a BIG pet shop in Bendigo as DH has saltwater aquariums and if there was something like that there that would probably twist his arm.

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Katt said...

Oooh you started! Will the Lace project be making it to the next meeting?
Mmm I am so scared of flying you cant get me in a plane. Mind you I so want to go to Bendigo one day!
Hope there is a pet shop up around there for you! LOL..
Maybe I will try the Cardi for Harley then..I am just worried about the lace aswell. I want her to have it next Summer (since its a bit late this summer).