Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Broke Another Sock Needle

I've done it again, knitting away flat out and SNAP, another one gone. Oh well that is what you get with plastic. I just don't like using steel, and I love casein needles but I think I might have to give bamboo a go as this is getting a bit annoying. I have just started using bamboo circulars and they are great. Hayden and Ashley are going to their Opa and Omas for a sleepover tonight so it will be quiet here today. Janelle has said she is going to cook tea tonight, so that will be good, I don't mind having a night off in the kitchen.

I have been having a clear out in my knitting cupboard and I have been selling this on ebay. I am making room for my new stash which is just waiting to be bought for winter. The money I get will be put to good use I am sure, more wool of course.


Anonymous said...

Yes, well I'm pretty sure you can sell anything on ebay.

Katt said...

Hey Sharon! Whats your ebay user name? That way I can check what you are selling..I might be interested in stuff :D

As for the sock needle. Thats why I use metal ones. I break ANY thats not metal! Well I like the new Pony Pearl ones..They have a metal rod inside a plastic needle..They bend a bit when I use them but dont break.