Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Can I Knit Now???

Aaahhhh, I feel like I have been running around the last few days like a headless chook. The kids go back to school and I have all these piddly little jobs to do. First of all I had to buy Hayden a birthday present so I went to every toy store I could think of to buy a Harry Potter Lego castle and do you think I could find one? NO, I looked on ebay and they were going for a squillion bucks so I thought no I will just have to get something else, then someone said to me that there was one in Tuesdays paper. Well as it turns out she had six different Harry Potter Lego sets, so we did a deal and I left there with the lot, for a good price might I add. Hayden was wrapped (as were his sister and brother) but now I have to sell some more stash on ebay to reimburse my bank account, so if you want to have a look my user name is shazzzamatazzz.

Then there is all the little jobs that you put off until kids go back to school, things that just take up a lot of time. Then I had five days of ebay checking to do, I would hate to think I may have missed out on something. I check the knitting listings daily. I haven't read my favourite blogs or checked out my other stuff either so I have spent all morning doing that.

I now just want ot sit down and knit, I haven't done much of that either so I think it is time for a little bit of me time, after I have done this of course. I am still working on the bluebell top, 5 ply is such slow knitting but it will be worth it I hope. Oh and yesterday I went into spotlight and bought a HUGE big bag full of wool. A lot of totem, when I can get totem 1/2 price I grab it, also some merino wool which will get added to the stash. In the latest creative knitting mag there are some toe socks in totem so that is what I will use the totem for.


Suzi said...

I loved the toe socks as well! I wonder if they will love toe socks in Mongolia I might need practice. I might have to hope that the receipents have more or less than ten toes....


Katt said...

I think the Toe Socks and the ponchos were the only thing in Creative Knitting that made it worth getting. To make up for it I got another knitting magazine and a baby patterns knitting book to make me feel better! lol

ooooh I would LOVE to get some totem from Spotlight but Adam I think has put a wool buying ban on! lol He locked the car doors last time we went past Spotlight.