Monday, February 14, 2005

I've Been To Bendigo

Here I am out the front with my purchases, I was good I bought enough for 2 garments and enough sock wool to knit 2 pairs of socks. There was a lot of cotton for sale, and real cheap too. If I lived in Bendigo I would be broke and have a stash problem I'm sure. I had a great weekend visiting my rellies and seeing my cousin get married. Didn't get much sleep, drank a lot of red wine, but had a lot of fun just the same. We got back into Melbourne airport and checked our baggage in and bugger me if the plane wasn't delayed, so instead of getting into Launceston at 9 o'clock we didn't get in till after 10 so I am a little bit tired today.


Katt said...

Somehow I expected more for Bendigo! Might have to ring them and ask them about their cottons on sale!

JoanM said...

I buy a lot of wool from Bendigo. they are very responsive - about two days to delivery. They are the cheapest supplier I have found in Australia. I am knitting a baby cardigan with their cotton now. It is OK but I don't like knitting in cotton. If you want specialised wool you have to go else where