Monday, February 07, 2005

Progress of Top

Well the top is coming along nicely, the pattern is quite simple now, it is in my head and I can even do it while watching TV. Lets see how cocky I am when it has to be shaped :( and the whole thing has a crochet edge, I can't even crochet, so I may have to take it to my LYS and get someone to finish it for me.

It is my nephews birthday today so the kids are all going to his birthday party. So I really should be getting us all ready, so I will make this quick. I also have to buy their school stuff this week (no wool buying this week) doesn't it cost a packet getting them off to school? Looking forward to my SNB tomorrow, can't wait to catch up with everyone and see what they have all been doing. Some of us keep in touch on line but there are others that you only catch up with at meetings. Suzi is going to tell us about the Dulaan project which is such a great thing to get involved with, more on that later. Better get going to the party


Katt said...

Top is coming along great! Love that colour!
Hey you could always try at a SNB meeting if someone can do the crocheting for you. I am hoping to ask Cathy if she can do mine on Rachelles cardi when I ever get it done. There is a heap on the bottom that will need to be done.
Will have to tell you about the Gaurdian Angel project tomorrow Suan and I will too!

Suzi said...

The top is coming on great, I can't wait to see it tomorrow!

Yes, there really are chocolate & peanut butter oreo's I first discovered them when I found them in my Xmas parcel and haven't looked back being a huge peanut butter freak.

Thankyou for reminding me about the Dulaan Project, I've just relised what I have forgotten to organise and print after all - some of the available flyers to hand out ot people who we're interested. I'll add it to the list.