Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Vogue Knitting Knit 1

After looking through Vogue Knittings Knit 1 at my local SNB meeting yesterday, thanks Suzi, I went to my newsagent to see if they had a copy and they did so I just had to buy it didn't I. Well I can see Janelle enjoying this one, knitting looks so cool in this mag. And also inspired by Suzi's gauntlets, I started my own this morning, I love fingerless gloves but these are so much more wearer friendly, and don't have the Steptoe look about them that fingerless gloves have (I just might be showing my age here , does anyone remember Steptoe and Son?)

Spent this afternoon getting the school clothes washed, ironed and named ready for Monday. Tomorrow we are going shopping for the shoes, how many more sleeps? Before that all happens I have my cousins wedding to go to in Victoria on the weekend. Oh well I have to go and play my weekly game of indoor netball now, the only exercise I have been getting lately, I promise I will do more walking when the kids are back at school.


Katt said...

I have Harleys Shoes..Have to head up to the school tomorrow about her books I think. Have to chase up Adams MOTHER about her uniform..Since the woman offered to buy in then skipped out of the state to Qld! SIGH..Costly little beggers arent they?

Suzi said...

You dirty old man! How can I forget Steptoe and Son?
My mother has worn fingerless gloves for quite some time because of her arthritis I always referred to them as her "Fagen" gloves, I suppose because most fingerless mittens have that look about them!