Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Why I Live Where I Live

This is the view from our deck. Our house is over fifty years old, quite small but whenever I come out here, I don't ever want to live anywhere else. This photo doesn't do it justice, you can see straight down the Tamar River.

It is absolutely freezing here today, just like winter brrrrr. Good for knitting though, so that is a bonus. I have been trying to put my local SNB banner on here today, but am not having much luck with that, it just wont go where I want it to go. I am really dumb when it comes to these kind of things. I will try again when I have a bit more patience.

Janelles tea was delish. we had chicken burgers and fries and for dessert we had a flake icecream cone. The boys will be back later tonight, my peace and quiet will be gone, I have missed them though.


Suzi said...

Hey Sharon!

I've been stopping by and reading regulary, it'll be good to see you at SNB next week. I had to fiddle alot to figure out how to get hings where and how I wanted them on my blog and I'm still doing it. Everything either gets moved or new stuff gets added at least once a week since my blog also acts a my virtual bookmark.

Katt said...

Oooooooh that view is to die for!
Cant wait to see you at the next meeting! Are you going to bring Janelle's blanket?
Sounds like Janelle made a very nice meal for you all!