Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Alafoss Lopi Fair Isle Jumper

I am going on a camp in a couple of weeks and I am thinking it is going to be pretty cold. This has been on my to do list for a few months now, and I am now going to start it because I am going to need something warm. I have now put myself under a bit of pressure to get it finished, I will have 1 1/2 weeks to do it. It is knitted in the round on circulars and I have made one before for my sister and hers took about that time to make. It is also a long weekend this week so I should be able to get a lot done then. Alafoss Lopi is so thick and scratchy just like an old sheep, but it is so warm just what we need here in Tassie. So that being said I'm off to start knitting, and will post a progress pic. soon. Oh and we had a fab time yesterday at SNB, it is so much fun seeing what everyone else is up to. Oh and another thing bluebell is finished (my part anyway) the crochet edging is being done so as soon as it is back from LYS I will post a pic of that too. Trouble is it will be too cold to wear, I'll have to put it away till next summer.

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JoanM said...

Hey Sharon, thanks for the encouragement on my site. I am a newbie at blogs and need to learn more about making my site interesting. I think you are super ambitious with your project - hope it goes well. Post a pic please. Joanm