Thursday, March 24, 2005

Change of Knitting Plans

My mother-in-law asked me would I mind knitting her a jumper. As I have mentioned she has given me a lot of her old knitting books, entire set of circulars and other knitting related stuff, so how could I say no. So that is now going to be my Easter holiday knitting project. It is a very simple stocking stitch, with a roll collar, easy peasy. She must have had the wool in her stash for a very long time because it is one that I can't remember ever seeing, and I used to work in the same street as a wool shop many years ago, which I had to walk past every day at least twice, and would enter at least two to three times a week. It is Patons Winter Wool 12 ply in the most beautiful rich shade of burgundy/maroon. It is 100% pure wool and is a dream to knit. She also gave me four big bags of wool which has some Patons Husky amongst it, the only problem is they are mostly orange tones which is a colour that I am not at all into, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Footy season kicks off tonight, (Australian Rules that is) I can think of nothing better than a game of football on TV, a nice glass of red or two and my knitting aaaahhhhhh. I hope my team North Melbourne, or kangaroos as they are now better known as, goes ok this year.

And finally if anybody reads this humble little ol' blog of mine, I wish you a very happy and safe Easter. Till next time, Sharon :)


Katt said...

Mmm My M-I-L asked me a few years ago would I make her an Merino Black jumper. I said Yep if you supply the wool. She never got back to me. I dont like my MIL and the fact she never got back to me fills me with no end of glee being as I didnt really want to make it.

What plans do you have for easter? We are heading out to Adams Grandmothers next week after Easter has finished (on his days off work).

As for the orange...Mmmm...Maybe some knitting for Dulaan?


Katie said...

The Lopi looks great. I'm not a big fan of orange either, perhaps you could try overdying it with a colour you prefer, a dark colour would be best cause the orange will probably have some influence on the finished colour.

Katt said...

Bring some orange along to the yarn trade. Never know Cathy might like it (she did have that bright yellow)..or I might take it!