Monday, March 21, 2005

Fiber Trends Patterns

Okay I was going to show some pictures of the finished Lopi, but they just wont send so maybe they will turn up later who knows. I will try again later and see if anything happens. It just keeps telling me to wait they are loading and nothing was happening. Anyway I had been looking for a feather and fan shawl pattern from and as they didn't have a secure sight I wasn't going to bother. One night I decided to see if I could get it from somewhere else and would you believe it I found an Australian source. So any fiber trends patterns are available to purchase for around $5.50 + postage $1.30 by contacting Jan via email and best of all she is going to have a stall at Agfest here in May. They also sell their own fleeces and have ready to knit yarns as well.

I am pretty tired after camp but it was well worth it, we had a lot of fun. I took my knitting with me but didn't even get time to do any, so I am itching to do some and don't expect to go to bed very early tonight. I am going to work on the baby jacket and I also have enough wool left over from Lopi to knit a beanie. I may try and sell the beanie on ebay and get some money back because it was quite expensive wool. Don't know how well knitted things sell on ebay, I have never really looked.

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