Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Lopi Is Finished

Well after having dramas yesterday with Hello here are the promised pictures of Lopi. I went and had a look on the Hello forum and noticed many others were having the same problem. If it hadn't worked this morning I was seriously considering dumping Hello and finding another, but once again they are back in my good books. There now that I have that off my chest, yay Lopi is finished. It is knitted in Alafoss Lopi which is the traditional Icelandic wool, it is extremely thick and warm and lovely to wear. My mother-in-law used to knit these jumpers for a local store many years ago and as she no longer knits and I am the only daughter-in-law / daughter who does, she gave me her old patterns and circulars. She used to spin her own wool as well (I wonder what happened to the spinning wheel). I have never had a go at spinning but it seems like a lot of fun, I will have to ask her about the spinning wheel.

I have ordered some hand dyed merino wool from www.ozeyarn.com.au to knit up into the feather and fan shawl, so I think that will be my next big project. I have three UFOs to do as well, they are the gauntlets, baby jacket and Janelles snowflake jumper. The snowflake jumper is one of those things that will be lovely when finished but a lot of work getting there, that is why it has been shelved for a while, but I know she really would like it so I will keep telling myself it is a labour of love. Maybe over Easter I can tackle it again.

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