Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Way Too Much Chocolate

Okay who blew their normal (relatively) healthy eating plan over the past few days? I know I did, every Easter is the same I'm afraid to say but it sure is fun. We have a family shack at Beauty Point which is a first in gets it set up and we asked first this year, so thats where we went. Ashley finally learnt to ride a bike, he is 7 years old so I will fill you in on why it has taken so long. We live on a hill and riding bikes is near impossible in our yard, plus Master Ashley hates failing at anything so if there is any chance of that happening he wont even give it a try. He got a birthday invitation to a bike park and hid it so that we wouldn't find it so that he didn't have to go. We found it 2 weeks later and he said that he didn't want to be the only one there with training wheels on his bike. So we said right this time you are going to learn how to ride that bike without the training wheels, and he did, hooray. We did some fishing and lots of eating and the occasional red wine or two as well, don't you just love holidays. And yes I did lots of knitting as well, still working on the mother-in-laws jumper, hopefully finish that soon. And Join in the chorus and sing it one and all............... YES the Kangaroos won on Saturday.


Cathy said...

Up the Roos. Guess who's another Roo fan from way back.

Katt said...

Mmm I ate too much I think..Sigh..mind you the girls didnt eat as much as they wanted to. I wouldnt let them packed themselves full.