Friday, March 18, 2005

Will I Make It?

Okay Lopi needs to be finished TODAY and I have about 9cms of rib to do for the collar and sew on 3 buttons as well as sew in a few threads. All that on top of packing and making sure everything is up to speed here on the homefront. Only Janelle and I are going as it is a GEMS girls group, of which I am a leader. So the 'boys' have to look after themselves for the whole weekend, I'm sure they will manage. Lopi would have been finished but last night I started the ribbed collar and the pattern said to do 3 rows rib, next row make a buttonhole and then almost as an afterthought decided to mention decrease 29 stitches on the FIRST row. So 4 rows were pulled out and then I had to start again, and by this time I was getting a bit tired and thought I'd leave it and see what happens tomorrow. Now I am kind of regretting that decision and realise that a cup of coffee and a couple of hours knitting and I could be saying "I've finished". Anyway I had better go do some work, pack my gear and then you never know, I just may have a bit of spare time. Keep watching this space as there will definately be a picture of the finished item on Monday.

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Katt said...

I hope you got the jumper finished! I cant wait to see pics on Monday!
Have a great weekend!