Monday, April 18, 2005

Sock Wool Will Do The Job

Went to LYS to try and get wool to finish MILs jumper with no luck, but I did come out of their with some white 4ply (Janelle wants some ankle socks for sport) and my Sister-in-law came with me and bought some wool for a fair-isle jumper, which I am going to knit for her. She asked me would I knit her a jumper and as it is her birthday next month I said that I would knit it for her and that can be her present. The wool is a beautiful soft Italian wool/alpaca mix (I'm glad she's paying for it) and should be a dream to knit. Anyway getting back to the MILs wool, I went into spotlight and there on their 30% off table was some Patonyle in the exact burgundy/maroon shade I was after. Although it is a 4ply and the jumper is a 12ply, I have doubled the yarn and knitted it up to an 8ply band pattern and it has worked, so hip hip hoo bloody ray, a big sigh of relief I can get it finished and off to its owner. Don't get me wrong I love knitting for people, I get more satisfaction out of that than knitting for myself, but when things don't run smoothly with a knit I get a tad frustrated. Oh well till next time when I will post a pic of the infamous jumper.


Cathy said...

Phew. You must be pleased that you found some yarn to finish your MIL's jumper.

It will be nice to get onto another project and your SIL's jumper sounds like just the thing.

Are you going to post pickies of your MIL's jumper when it's finished?


Katt said...

Glad you got your problem sorted out!! Might have to go have a lookies in Spotlight! I LOVE patonyle yarn!
Cant wait to see the pics.