Sunday, April 03, 2005

That Would Be Right

You know how I am knitting a jumper for my mother-in-law, well would you believe it I have run out of wool grrrrr. She has had it in her stash for I don't know how long so of course it is no longer available. I am about 2 balls short, so I am going to try and at least find a similar colour if possible from my LYS. It is Patons Winter Wool 12ply in a burgundy/maroon colour 9132 and dyelot 2, just on the off chance someone out there may have some in their stash. Anyway that is on hold for a while till I hunt something down to finish it with, I have only got about 1/3 of each sleeve and the neckband to do. So today I started a scarf hat for Dulaan in wait for it Patons Husky, yes in orange. It is beautiful wool to knit with and will be lovely and warm and BRIGHT for someone in Mongolia to wear.

And yes I can gloat again this week, Kangaroos won again.

Tuesday is my SnB meeting, so I am looking forward to catching up with everyone again and we are doing a yarn trade which should be a blast. I will take along the scarf hat to work on. This is such a great pattern I will probably make another one for Dulaan and as it is knitted in 12 or 14 ply wool very quick knitting. Oh well thats it till next time see ya.


Katt said...

The only thing I can think of is making the edging a contrast colour like black. You make have to rib the bottom ribbing (or whatever it is at the bottom) and knit ribbing downwards for that section (its actually not that hard) and have the sleeve ends and the collar the same. Even if you get another burgandy it might be slightly different so it will look good. Dont know if the ribbing on all four sections will give you enough to finish the rest of the sleeves but you sure the hell would go close.
Never know someone might come up with a better option ;)
Cant wait for tomorrow with the yarn trade! Though there isnt going to be many of us this time I dont think.


Katt said...

mmmmm that didnt make sense in part of it ;) you may have to RIP the ribbing and then do the ribbing downwards in a different colour is what I was MEANT to say! lol


trek said...

Could you please tell me what the yardage is on a ball of Patons Husky? Thanks.