Thursday, April 07, 2005

Yarn Trade at SNB A Lot of Fun

We had our yarn trade at SNB on Tuesday and it was a great success, we will have another one in a couple of months so I am already sorting through my stash and see what I can take along. A big thanks to Katt for organising it.

On the knitting front here I picked up the bluebell 5ply top from LYS on Tuesday, as I can't crochet I had to get them to finish off around the edge for me. It looks great and I promise I will post a photo of it here when I finally get around to taking one. I am 3/4 of the way through the scarf hat for Dulaan and hope to finish that by the weekend so that I can take a pic. of that too. One of my passions besides knitting is cooking and I have just discovered a great new web site which I must pass on because it is a great one for anyone who loves recipes and best of all they are free. It is Delia Smith and I have already made a couple of things off it, one being Beef In Designer Beer, yummo. Oh well till next time when I will have some finished items to show, promise.


Katt said...

I must be the only one out of use three that did the last swap NOT getting ready yet for the next one! lol

Cant wait to see the finished hooded scarf. Loved the top when I saw it Tuesday too.


Suzi said...

Hey Sharon!

I checked out Delia and loved it, I can't thnakyou enough for telling me about it.

The hooded scarf was incredible, I must finish mine but I need to buy more wool first. Arrgh!

The Bluebell top looks fantastic! I doubt it's the weather for it at present.