Friday, April 29, 2005

Yes I Have Been Knitting

I have been resting my leg, as much as you can with a family to look after, but at least during the day I can. So I have posted some pics. of what I have been working on. Ashley found the dinosaur in a Jean Greenhowe book and asked me if I could knit him one, he has never asked me to knit him anything before. The opal socks are for a friend, she always comments on my socks so I thought I would suprise her with a pair (hope she doesn't read this) I am up to the toe shaping on this one and will start the other one over the weekend. The feather and fan shawl has been going for a while and I pick it up when I am on my own with no interuptions, it is an easy pattern but as it grows the rows are getting longer and there are more repeats to follow and I have this love/hate thing with lace anyway. I love the finish but I hate the concentration involved with it and am always relieved when I get to the end of the row and there are no mistakes.

My Dad has made me a wool holder/winder gadget out of wood,we got the idea from a similar one listed on ebay, he is bringing it around later today to test it out. It holds the wool hanks and turns as you wind the wool with a wool winder making it quicker and simpler than having to wrap it around the backs of two chairs. Oh well thats it for now time for a coffee and then I plan to do some more of the shawl.


Katt said...

So how is your leg going? Will you be up to visit us at the next S'n'B meeting? I will be bringing my Uno Uno! lol

Yep I only do lace work when the girls are in bed and Adam at work (so I dont get much time to work on any that I do! lol)

Oooh you will have to show us all your wool holder/winder that you dad made you! Jealous now! lol


Sharon said...

It is much better than it was and I will be at the next SnB.

Katt said...

Glad to hear its getting better. You poor thing I bet it was sore.


Cathy said...

Glad to hear your legs getting better.

See you at the next SnB.