Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It Is a Bed Jacket

It is a bed jacket but I don't plan on wearing it in bed. I am going to make the sleeves a bit longer and instead of having a ribbon on the front I will make a button and loop closure or I may make a crochet chain tie. I have had the wool since my birthday last year, my friends and SILs gave me a gift voucher from my LYS. Speaking of SILs I am waiting on some wool from the one I am knitting the fair isle for, I haven't seen her for a while and I need her to pick up some more wool so I can get it finished. We are using the pay as you knit scheme from my LYS, but at $14.00 a ball I am not going to go and pay for it. I must chase her up.

I am going to Melbourne on Thursday, that means I have to do my least favourite thing in the whole world, fly. I am a leader for a girls group my daughter is in and we are having a national conference in Dandenong, so we are leaving a day earlier so that we can hit the shops in Melbourne first. If anyone knows of any good wool shops in Melbourne?? Please let me know, I would be very greatful.

I must finish by telling you of a very embarrasing moment I had yesterday. I had just made some cup cakes with lovely bright pink icing on the top and realised I hadn't bought any Metro 10 bus tickets yet. Metro 10 tickets have 10 fares for 96cents a trip as opposed to $1.20 if you buy the ticket on the bus and as my children catch buses to and from school this becomes quite costly. Anyhow I had this lovely bright pink icing on my fingers and did what any Nigella hopeful would do I licked my fingers. Jumped into the car went to the newsagent and bought the bus tickets and as I was getting back into the car I licked my lips, which were very sweet. I felt my lip and there on my hand was now a big blob of BRIGHT PINK ICING which was on my top lip the whole bloody time. No wonder the woman who served me looked at me a little strange. Oh well as the saying goes shit happens, till next time oh and don't forget to let me know of your favourite LYS in Melbourne.


Cathy said...

How embarrassing. At least it was only pink icing not blue or green which would stand out a lot more.

The jacket is coming along nicely.


Katt said...

That is a tad bit embarrassing :| Though as Cathy said could have been worse ;)

Jacket looks great! :D


Suzi said...

Oh dear. I'm glad I'm not alone in dashing off to shops mid cooking and discovering I've got flour all over my bum or some piece of glop in my hair.

The cardy is coming on good! I can't wait to hear how you got on in Melbourne.