Thursday, May 05, 2005

It's Raining

It is raining outside so that to me is the perfect excuse to bake some date scones, the kids will love them when they come home from school and I will have one with my morning coffee YUM. I really don't mind when it rains because it means I can stay inside and knit. I am planning on going to Agfest tomorrow with my SIL Lesley so I hope it doesn't set in too much, but we do need rain so I shouldn't be selfish. Agfest is a HUGE rural show, which is held once a year with everything from tractors to gumboots and slippers and of course lots of craft and yes WOOL. It runs over 3 days and they expect around 80,000 people to pass through the gates, now in Tassie that is a lot of people. A lot of people from around Australia come down for this event, including many exhibitors from the 'mainland' as well, so yes if I sound a little bit excited about it, I am. I go every year and have only missed a couple when the kids were babies.

Had our SNB meeting on Tuesday which is always a lot of fun, goes too quickly though, doesn't time just fly when you are having fun. Katt bought along her UNO coffee machine and we had real coffee which was a bit of a treat. I had never seen a UNO in action before and it worked a treat, so quick and easy to use and the best part great tasting coffee.

On the knitting front I am still working on the feather and fan shawl, lots of stitches are on the circulars now, my SILs jumper, must get a move on with that one it is her birthday on the 13th May but I did cover myself and said that she may get it after her birthday phew!! glad I said that and the opal socks, no hurry to finish those. I do have a pattern coming from here so no doubt I will want to start that when it arrives. It is one of those trendy wrap, lacy cardies that are in all the stores for winter, but I would much rather make my own, but as usual the pattern companies here in Australia are behind in what is in and we wont get any decent patterns for them till next season. I do wish I was clever enough to design my own as I have always got ideas in my head what I am after but putting them to a pattern is another matter. Oh well I am off to brew a coffee and have a scone, see ya.


Katt said...

Adam said to me yesterday "You did well taking the Uno Uno Tuesday. They are half price today" Dunno where..or if it was for all week. But hell $50!!!! BARGAIN!!

I love rainy days too!!

Mmmm those scones look good (and I dont like scones normally).


melissa said...

i look forward to seeing your finished junper from that site . wow ,dont they have some stylish patterns .. very tempting but i dont think my lace knitting skills are ready for that .. i'll just look on enviously.
i noticed in target yeasterday the first of the lace wrap jumpers . i tried it on but let me tell you i wasnt vey impressed . cheap and nasty