Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Never Too Old To Learn

Twelve months ago I didn't even know how to send an email, didn't know how to surf the net, download what was that. All that has changed and I have gotten over my initial fear of computers, still have a lot to learn mind you. Well anyway you are probably wondering where I am going with this, the other day I noticed the button (which I didn't put on because I didn't know how) for the web ring I am in had disappeared. Thinking oh well too bad at least the ring is still there and working that will have to do as I have no idea how to fix it. Then a wonderful person who is in the same web ring who had the same problem emailed me with instructions on how to add buttons to your blog. So a big thankyou must go to Joan for her help. She had the same problem and she got help from Emy so a big thankyou to you as well. Aren't knitters just the greatest bunch of people.

I also learnt a new tip for knitting lace this week, as the feather and fan shawl grows and there are more and more repeats it is easy to lose your way, however by placing a marker at the beginning of every new repeat it is easy to keep track of where you are. So you never are too old to learn something new.

I have my local SNB today so I look forward to catching up with everyone and see what they have been working on. So I had better go and get my knitting bag sorted to take, so till next time, happy knitting.


Katt said...

Yep I am still learning new things all the time about this computer!

I like the idea about the lace patterning!


JoanM said...

Congrats Sharon, your blog looks good with the buttons. I now need to learn how to archive better so I can catalogue the pictures.
I found out I need lace markers too when I tried out a shawl pattern Had to frog it

Donni said...

So - please tell me - how do you fix the button thing? My Aussie Flag doesn't show on my link.....