Monday, June 20, 2005

The Angelina Vintage Jacket

I mentioned in my earlier post that I have started a new project so here are the photos of its beginnings and of the wool it is knitted in. The pattern is fromWhite Lies Designs and is knitted in Mystique from Bendigo Woollen Mills in 'opal'. Unfortunately they don't have a web site but you can order a shade card from them here and it is free!!! As I have mentioned here before I buy a lot of my wool from Bendigo, it is good quality and very reasonably priced. Okay back to the jacket, it is knitted all in one piece in k2 p2 rib and then the lace is knitted later, the orange border is a temporary cast on. I am knitting it on 3.75mm bamboo circulars and as Mystique is 75% wool, 20% mohair and 5% alpaca it is real nice easy knitting with a lovely feel to it. I have also just realised that it is a very similar colour to the lace vest that I knitted in Summer, I am definately a jade/green girl. I have fair skin, freckles and green eyes so that might explain it a bit. It's funny how skin tone, hair colour etc. dictates what colours work for each person. I love pale blue but everytime I wear it you can bet that someone will tell me that I look tired, so that is now a colour I avoid.

Another win for the RoosCathy just when I thought they were going downhill fast they have won their past couple of games, so looks like they will be playing in the finals come September.

While I am doing this I have Elvis' 68 Comeback Special playing LOUD so if things don't make sense it is because I am jiving away to the man in leather. The DVD belongs to my Dad and he has let me borrow it, he was born in 1940 so was a teenager when the King changed music forever and so I was bought up with Elvis and my mother was a huge Beatles fan so the two of them nurtured my love of music from a very early age.


Cathy said...

Up the Roos. They just may make the finals now but they have to keep winning to get there.

I agree with you about the Bendigo yarn. It is really easy to knit and it looks sooooooooo nice.


Katt said...

I love Bendigo yarn but find the machine washable stuff likes to split on me. BLARG!!

I LOOOOVE Elvis!!!! That man in his prime was hot! LOL..Plus I love his music. I was raised on Elvis too (though my mother didnt like the Beatles).


2paw said...

Wow, I went to look at the pattern - it is gorgeous, (love the colour too) and lots of the others are too. I can see lots of things I'd like to knit. I did wonder about the orange border !!! Now I know!!! I am a moronosaurus!!

Suzi said...

The pattern is very fabulous, I've often looked at the White Lies Designs stuff she comes up with some good stuff.

Ah Elvis, the man was truly great! Speakign of great men thnakyou for letting me know about Enough Rope with Alice Cooper it was excellent!


JoanM said...

Your knitting, as ever, is beautiful Sharon. I use Bendigo a lot too as they are sooo much cheaper.
I have sent you an email to join the team blog (I hope I am doing it right) I think you have to leave your details at to join the ring. I have now put the html which worked on my site in the ring surf page so again I hope that works. I think you have to put up the html before ringsurf recognises your application.