Friday, June 24, 2005

A Huge Thank You To My Secret Pal

I got a parcel today in the mail, look at what I got, it is just so amazing it is like she knows me so well. Obviously my blog reveals a lot about who I am and what I like. Jaeger Alpaca and Rowan Kid Classic in my colours, living in Tassie I just can't buy these yarns locally. A knitting magazine with a gorgeous cardy that I would love to make, but I would definately wear something underneath it. Every Sunday I make desserts and choose a different one each week and now I have a new book to try out some great new recipes, so a big hug to you SP whoever you are and I am feeling so spoilt.


2paw said...

What a lovely present!! It does make me envious when everyone, seemingly everywhere, is all Rowan and Bliss and Sharp and all the other brands...It makes me want to sulk a bit and whine!!! Then I get back to reality and realise I can't possibly spend over $300 on wool, and everything is OK!!!
Cool cardigan!!!

Suzi said...

That cardigan is too cool! I noticed int he new English magazine Simply Knitting they use a lot of Rowan. Can't help but feel a little deprived when there's no local source.


JoanM said...

Lovely present and well deserved.
I will put a cross in the admin square of Knitters Anon for you. See if you can access the template. Please feel free to add anything or jazz it up