Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm Doing Parent Help Today

Guess what I am doing today? I am doing parent help in Haydens class and they are learning how to knit. His class is grades 3 and 4 and the age group is 9 and 10 year olds, should be a lot of fun, with maybe some frustrations. I am just glad that knitting is being picked up on in some schools as it is so important to get the next generation knitting and most importantly enjoying it. I can still remember my first pieces of knitting which would usually start off with about 20 stitches and consist of striped rows and end up with about 50 stitches, but that didn't matter at all it was just that feeling I got from creating something myself. I can remember going shopping with my mum and as she was a keen knitter we would always end up in the wool section of the store. I grew up in Campbell Town, which is a small country town in Tasmania, and there was a store there at the time called O'Briens and it was a general store that sold just about everything but I can remember the habadashery section was huge, especially the range of knitting patterns, yarns and needles. Unfortunately in the 70's O'Briens burnt down and the store is no longer but it definately gave me my first taste of drooling over yarns and patterns etc. which I still get today. I love looking on the internet for all knitting related items but you still can't beat the experience of a well stocked LYS and to be able to touch the fibres and talk knitting with the staff who in my LYS are just the best. My LYS is Knits Needles and Wool and its owner Kathy knows everything there is to know about knitting and has helped me with many a project.
I will let you know how I went knitting with the kids, till then, happy knitting.


JoanM said...

I think you would need a lot of patience to help lots of kids learn to knit. I learned tatting a while ago and I think the poor teacher would have had a similar experience with the class. It takes lots of practice to learn new skills

shell said...

I hope it all goes well. My six year old son has just asked me to teach him to knit :) Whether or not he "gets" it, at least I'll get to spend some one-on-one time with him.