Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Debbie Bliss Squirrel Jacket

Yes it is time to unveil the next project, I haven't knitted anything for my kids for a while and so I plan to knit them something each over the next few months. Firstly I have chosen a delightful pattern out of Great Knits for Kids by Debbie Bliss. The wool I have chosen is Bendigo Woollen Mills Aran as the pattern is knitted in a 10 ply and I happened to have some cream in my stash. However Bendigo Aran doesn't have a chocolate/brown in its colour range so I had to find some in another brand and came across Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran which was just the colour I was looking for. I would have loved to do the whole pattern in Jo Sharp but the whole thing would have ended up costing $130.00, way too much for a size 8 boys jacket. So as soon as I finish socks, only about 10cms to go, I will start it. I am being strict on finishing the socks as they are a present and need to be finished by the weekend and if I start on the jacket I will get too wrapped up in that and the socks wont get finished. The one thing that I love about the pattern the most is the squirrels but they are the one thing that will give me the most grief. As I am a self confessed perfectionist with my knitting I don't particularly like intarsia or picture knitting, it always seems messy where the colours join, especially with a picture that isn't a solid shape, like the squirrels. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?? So if anyone has a tip in this area I would love to hear it.

And finally a big thanks to everyones kind wishes about my nieces arrival, she is such a little dolly and I did have fun shopping for her and spoiling her, I even bought a big bag of my sisters favourite choccies so that she didn't feel left out. Thanks to my secret pal who sent a lovely e-card and yes Suzi I am going to create something for her, I have the pattern and wool picked out. I must admit that I am not real keen on baby knitting, and much prefer knitting for 2 years and up. I will post about the baby knitting project in my next post.


Cathy said...

The squirrel pattern is lovely. I was looking at it and thinking who I could knit it for as little miss has enough knitwear at the moment.

I usuallyretie my ends before I sew them away with the intarsia work and that way you can get them to the correct tension at the start and finish of each colour.

Where there is a block of colour I use small balls of yarn for each section.

Hope this is helpful.


2paw said...

No hints at all - I avoid fairisle/intarsia like the plague!!! I usually do swiss darning if I need a tiny motif. The jacket is very cool and the wool gorgeous!! If I win Tattslotto buying lovely wool will be one of my luxuries!!!
Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and
Peri Naughty the Golden Labradors

2paw said...

The cushions are for the Perth primary school Library. My friend teaches there. I have been 'making' them all year. I felt up to it this week, there was finishing off to do. They are really cute aren't they? I couldn't have them at home as Peri wants to kill the shark!!!
I really like caramel. I often put 2 or 3 jersey caramels cut up in the middle of muffins when I make them. Warm, they are so squishy and melty and yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that squirrel cardy - it's going to look fab. Knitting with colour can be a bind, I'm sure you'll be fine though.

Glad you like the e-card, I thought it was so sweet.

Love SPxx

JoanM said...

I just love the jacket. I'm sure you will love knitting it. I noticed your question about progress bars. I asked a couple of bloggers and they gave me these links. Meant to post them on UFO but have been busy
I asked someone about some graphic knit trackers they had on their blog. They gave me these sites

DeAnn said...

I love the neutral colors, soft browns and aran. I don't particularly enjoy intarsia, but I will do it if I have a nice pattern like yours. You could always leave out the squirrel and add it in via duplicate stitch after the sweater is finished. Nice pattern!