Thursday, July 28, 2005

I,ve Been Tagged

Okay thanks to The Stripey Tiger I have been tagged and like her I am not a real big fan of these things but they are a fun way to get to know a little more about the person. Also like her I am only going to answer the same questions as her so if you want to find out the other questions you can find them on her blog. I'm doing this today as in the past everyone gets tagged before me and I end up with no one to tag so here goes:

I had 2 of my 3 children and they were 2 and 6 months old so I was knee deep in nappy changes and sleepless nights and all things associated with babies. I was knitting though when I could get the time. Our house was being renovated, very slowly, as well.

I had 3 children and 2 were at school and playgroup so I only had Ashley at home full time, not much else exciting really, I was sewing heaps then, we all wore my creations except for DH. I was still knitting, a bit more seeing as I had a bit more time. House was now renovated, but we still hadn't touched downstairs.

Kids are at school full time now, I have more me time, but I seem to be doing more parent help and getting involved in more things. Stopped selling Tupperware, I am too busy and I don't like going out at night and weekends doing parties, DH happy about that too, he hates party plan. Still knitting, lots now as I have more time to myself.

I am in a craft group and we went to the Casino for lunch, this made me laugh as it is a church craft group so you would think they wouldn't want to go there, but hey it was cheap so maybe that is why. Knitted some more.

Visited the MIL for her birthday, did some shopping and thats about it really, will do some knitting. Oh and I love watching Collectables on TV tonight and if I can stay awake the Footy Show.

Walk every Friday with a friend and then we go for a coffee afterwards, come home do housework YUK, would rather be knitting, DH usually knocks off early Friday afternoons so we sit down and have a couple of glasses of wine together, catch up with each other again. Might make it only one tomorrow though as we are going out to dinner so I don't want to fall asleep.

Well that is it so now I am going to tag:
Suzi because she usually tags me with these things.

Joan maybe her life is a bit more exciting than mine.

Shelby the same reason I was so I can get to know her.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Sharon - it is nice to learn a few more things about you.

What a nuisance following the wrong chart for your squirrel jacket - I'm sure it will look just fine though - carrying on was definately the best option - don't you just hate frogging ?!

Have a lovely day

Love SPx

kittensmittens said...

i too have mixed feelings about the tag, they are fun in the way you get to know people. but when you get tagged and you see a long list of questions,... yep, don't always like that.
but i enjoyed reading your answers.
good luck on the squirrel jacket. it has squirrels on it, it can't look bad.
and thank you for linking me.

michelle said...

hehe. at least this tag isn't that bad. like SPx said, we get to learn a few more things about you!! ^_^