Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Knitting Update

Thanks for the birthday wishes to Ashley, he had a great day. I thought it was about time I did an update report on my knitting projects. Still working on the jacket and the socks. My SILs jumper has been put on hold, she got caught drink driving (silly girl)and of course lost her licence and copped a pretty hefty fine, so she cannot afford the wool for her jumper. She isn't very reliable so even if she didn't have the fine to pay she probably would have blown her money on something else anyway. I have learnt a lesson here no more love jobs for my in-laws. I have finished the back of striped cardy for my sisters baby due in a couple of weeks but I really don't like the finished colours together,it looked like a jacket made up using scrap wool so that one is not going to make it as a FO. So that is it 2 WIPs and these are counted as my UFOs also, so I think I should be allowed to start something else what do you reckon?


Cathy said...

Of course you should be able to start something else.

But then again you know me and starting new projects, I would recommend anyone starting a new project when they want to.

Happy knitting.


Katt said...

Oooh yeah with only 2 projects on the go I say start something new!! You should always have a few on the go just in case you get a little bored with the others


shell said...

Definitely. I'm all in favour of starting a new project :) Just ask the 3 new ones I started today hehe

Anonymous said...

Oh what a nightmare about your SIL - I hope you get to finish her jumper some time soon, it's a shame to have half finished bits - or could you use the yarn for something smaller ?

I think you should definately start a new project - you certainly deserve it.

I had a look at you Angelina Jacket pattern and it looks fantastic - I can't wait to see your progress on it.


SP x

Michelle said...

What is it with In-Laws?! Definately start something new : )
Michelle the Enabler