Friday, July 22, 2005

Secret Pal You Are the Best

Yesterday there was a knock on my door and not expecting anything in the mail was surprised to see the postman with a parcel. Went inside and opened it and there was the most amazing goodies in there for me from my secret pal and she even included some English lollies for Ashley, for his birthday, which he shared with his sister and brother because there was so much. There was even my favourite lollies, Bassetts jelly babies, you must have esp, which I have to buy from Gourleys sweet shop, and as they are imported they are not cheap so I only buy 100grams at a time for a special treat YUM. If you have never tried these spoil yourself one day they are so soft and covered with icing sugar, nothing like the jelly babies we have here. Some beautiful Aran wool which is gong to be made into something real soon, the colours are lovely, so I am looking through my pattern stash for some ideas. So many things, too many to list the photo speaks for itself, I have posted a pic of the wool and one of my favourites in the whole parcel, it is a donut pin cushion, isn't it so adorable it is nearly too nice to go sticking pins in. So to my secret pal a huge big thankyou from me and I love the things you have gone to the trouble of picking out to spoil me with, I am one happy girl and as the title says SP you are the best xxx.


DeAnn said...

That donut pincushion is the CUTEST thing! I've heard about secret pals, but don't really know how the whole thing works. It must be via your knitting group? What a nice gift.

Anonymous said...

You're a lucky girl to have yarn from Coldharbour Mill, if it's the one in Devon, UK, that I'm thinking of.

I went on a tour there about 5 years ago and bought some 8 ply to knit a jacket for my DD.

I now wish I had bought a shipping-container-full of the stuff, it was so nice to knit with.

The mill was originally powered by waterwheel power and the tour is facinating, if you ever get there.

Best wishes