Tuesday, July 12, 2005

S'n'B Today

Today is our 'meet up' day at Launceston S'n'B, we get together once a month to see what we are all doing and have yarn swaps, check out interesting patterns and talk knitting, not to mention have a nice afternoon tea and of course do some knitting. Suzi is the person who organised Launceston S'n'B so a big thanks to her for doing that. I was looking through various knitting sites one day on the internet and found an ad. for S'n'B on the Creative Knitting site and would you believe it was in Launceston, yay. Today I will be taking Angelina Vintage Jacket to work on, it is like having a blanket on your lap as it is all knitted in one piece, I am down to the lace trim on the sleeves so hope to finish soon. I was a bit worried about the lace trim as the pattern called for 97 stitches to be picked up at the sleeve edge and I was struggling to pick up 77, so I decided to go and see if anyone over at Knitters Review Forum had this problem and those who had made it had so I have stuck with 77 stitches and it seems ok, so I hope to be able to post some pics. soon.

On a more serious note, I think we are all saddened by the recent happenings in London, I feel so sorry for all those innocent people affected by this. I have made a wonderful new friend through SP5 and all I know about her is that she is from the UK, she has kept her identity a secret which of course is the whole idea of SP, so I just hope and pray sweetheart that you and your family are safe and OK, Sharon XXX


Anonymous said...

Hey there Sharon - I just wanted to let you know that me and mine are indeed safe and well - thank you for thinking of us. We do live near London, but not in it - although DH was in London that day, but thankfully not affected. We are all very saddened by what has happened, but determined to make sure this does not stop us living our lives.

I hope you are all well and enjoying knitting your "blanket" ! I can't wait to see the finished item - I'm quite tempted by that pattern myself.

You may find another little parcel winging it way to you soon - so keep your eyes peeled.

Love SPxxx

JoanM said...

Piccys please