Thursday, July 28, 2005

Some Ramblings Today

The Launceston Stitch 'n' Bitch group had our interview with the ABC radio on Tuesday which was such a hoot, we had our little bit of 'fame'. Someone found our site and emailed it to the ABC and they wanted to talk to us and see what these crazy people were about. We are about to celebrate our first birthday so that should be a bit of fun, we are changing venues and will now meet in a cafe which has a bar, could be a worry red wine in one hand knitting in the other!!!!!

I was working away on the squirrel jacket yesterday when I discovered I had followed the wrong bloody graph. So the two options were to frog back to the beginning or simply keep going and remember to do the left front the same, a much better option in my book. The pattern is the same it is just that you had to start in a different place for the fronts and I followed the starting place for the back. So the fronts fair isle sections will be a little bit off centre, like you are going to be able to tell.

MILs birthday today so the socks will be wrapped up and given, hope she likes them. My bamboo DPs are looking lost with no knitting on them so I think I may have to start another sock. I have spent yesterday scribbling a design for a bag which has been in my head for quite a while, inspired by those trendy bags with famous people on them I have wanted to do a knit version for some time now. It is still in the very early stages but I hope to have something on paper that I am happy with soon. I am no artist so getting something that looks like the person I am wanting on the bag is not easy, I know there is software for turning photos into cross stitch patterns but I want it to be more of an abstract design. I will keep you posted on the process, it may turn out to be one of those designs that never see the light of day but I have been having a bit of fun with it.

The latest edition of Creative Knitting is out and it has an article on my LYS and the wonderful owner Kathy, but please don't take too much notice of the photo she is definately not that serious. Kathy is always there with a friendly smile and is a great help, she has been there through the lean times of knitting and now of course the good, which is why I will continue to support her and Knits Needles and Wool rather than buying yarn from the department stores who have jumped on the bandwagon and think that we will go back to them to buy our yarn. Sorry it doesn't work that way where were they when knitting wasn't 'popular', some of us have always been knitting and needed yarn then so I will not support them now. There had my little gripe for the day I am sounding like one of those women off the ABC show 'Grumpy Old Women'


the stripey tiger said...

Hi Sharon, Thanks for commenting on my cute umbilical hats!! I've tagged you see my blog for the questions.

Katt said...

I am interested in this knitting with one hand (to hold the wine in the other)...You will have to show us! lol