Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Am Not Happy

Okay this is a BIG RANT from me today, I have deleted three comments from my blog today. No they weren't rude or anything but I am not going to advertise your #*&^%^! car insurance, loans and other bullshit and don't patronise me by adding in the last sentence "nice blog." At least two of you had the decency to sign your name, I suppose that is one thing. So anyone else who is thinking of doing the same, don't bother because I will delete it as soon as I see it, SO DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.

Man, that felt good, nothing like having a bitch and letting off a bit of steam. I will go now and do some knitting and hopefully my next post will be about exactly that, knitting.


BSbabe said...

Those are you won't have to worry about it anymore..:P Later!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sharon what a nightmare - I have only recently discovered that this goes on - can you screen your commenters, as in approve them before they are allowed to comment ? It might cut down on the spam.

Hope the knitting is coming along - I'm dying to see your progress on the Squirrel jacket.

Love SPxx

ShelbyD said...

I finally responded to your meme tag - sorry it took so long!!

(Nice blog)

JoanM said...

I agree Sharon. There was one on my blog telling me I should get a uni degree without studying!!!! Having spent half my life at uni I found that extremely patronising. Thank God Australian standards won't accept all those paid for degrees people buy.
I would have liked to send a blistering comment back but there was only a USA phone number.

justcinful said...

They've been hitting all the blogs. It's usually the same old spiel too. "I was reading your blog and thought you'd be interested in ______ ."