Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I Now Have No Excuse

Look at what arrived in the mail this morning.

My secret pal you have learnt a lot about me, yes I do want to dye some wool. It is very high on my to do list but as yet haven't got around to getting suitable wool to dye or find anything to dye the wool with. You not only have seen to these details by sending some beautiful wool to use and some Kool-Aid, but also sent some instructions on using Kool-Aid to dye the wool. Kool-Aid is not available here in Australia so to us Aussies this is pretty amazing stuff. So once again SP you are a very kind and generous person and I thank you so much for all the lovely things you find to send me. Keep watching this space as I will be creating some lovely coloured wool soon, well hopefully anyway.


2paw said...

Oh Sharon, you have KoolAid, you are so lucky!! I can't wait to see your wool- I'm dying to see your dyeing!!!!

Cathy said...

Woohoo. Have fun dying.

Cheers from Uluru NT.


Kim said...

What a nice secret pal! : )

I just wanted to mention that my husband is Australian and he talks about cordial (I think that's how you spell it?) wouldn't cordial be the same thing as koolaid? (That's what he says anyway.. I'm not sure. lol.)

Kim said...

OOoh.. well maybe you should just look around at the store for things that might work.. (That's how the koolaid thing came about I bet!)

I've also heard of using tea.. and I *know* Australia has tea! LOL!

My husband is pretty nice.. but he can be crass too.. just depends on his mood.. When I was in Australia for a visit everyone was really nice.. so yes.. I'd have to agree with you : )

shell said...

oh wow! what an awesome secret pal! what fabulous pressies! let us all know how the dying goes. I would love to try it one day

Michelle said...

oh!! your SP is so sweet!!!

Katt said...

Ok I am so jealous now! You have some of the Cool Kool Aid colours I want! lol

Kool Aid dying is basic. If you need any help you know which direction to yell ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad that you got the package - you never know if they are going to arrive or not !

If you want any more Koolaid just let me know and I'll definately be able to get more for you - I hope you like the colours.

Enjoy playing !

Love SPxx

kittensmittens said...

you mightnot have cool aid, you do have tam-tams. my friend introduced me to those. ok, they won't help you dye the yarn, but they are super tasty.

have fun dyeing

2paw said...

Dear Sharon, I am like a wild woman with the clicky links now!!! Heaven help us all when I get a digital camera!!! You have been warned!!!!

Ada said...

Hi Sharon,

NIce that you have some koolaid. Here koolaid can only be found in some big city's so for me it's very difficult to get my hands on. Although some people here are nice enough to get it for me and then send it. But a surprise koolaid is always nice.

knitabulous said...

Great to get koolaid, but be warned the wool will smell like lollies when you finish - not necessarily a bad thing either I don't suppose.

You can get it here on the net, when I find a link I'll send it to you. It's v v cheap in the US though.

Cordial would work except the Koolaid they use is sugar free and there's not a great enough range in the diet cordial to be much use.
Diet Jelly crystals also give a result I'm told.

And if all else fails, you know there's nothing wrong with RIT.

Good luck with the dyeing.