Thursday, August 18, 2005

No More Anonymous (sorry)

Due to the amount of spammers I am getting I have changed my comments so that only registered users can comment, as most of the culprits sign anonymously hopefully this will put a stop to it. Sorry to genuine anonymous commenters (especially my SP) but I have had enough and I figure if you genuinely want to leave a comment you can say who you are.


2paw said...

How boogelly. Why do they do it?? I just think that even if they had the best offer in the whole wide world, no-one would ever consider them. Stupid and stupider!!!!!

Katt said...

I have had the exact same one done TWICE on mine in the past few days.

Bugs the hell out of me.


justcinful said...

Ummm... If you want to pay for my round trip ticket to Australia... Sure I'll paint! Lol. ;)

K. Anne

Michelle said...

spammers are really annoying. i used to get hundreds of them on my blog until i installed anti-spam plugin on my blog and it does the trick ^_^


Zippianna said...

Hurray for you. Slap down those spammers!

I don't get too many now, though I did get a several at first. I think it goes in waves. You, m'dear, have a trendy blog. Trendy blogs seem to get lots more of them.

Shel said...

Good plan. I haven't had spammers at my blog, but 1. it is new, 2. it isn't that exciting, 3. no anonymous are able to post.

I wouldn't mind if they would go to my blog, Tell me to get to work on my UFO's. That would be good.