Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's School Holidays Again

Yes it's that time again, but don't get the wrong idea here, I love school holidays. Yeah sure I have got the kids home but we have fun and as they are getting older they amuse themselves and if the weather is ok they spend a lot of time outside. The other thing I love is no routine, no clock watching YAY!! Which means that I can spend a bit more time doing what I love, knitting. I am currently working on some pink opal socks for Janelle and still the squirrel jacket for Ashley. I have started the sleeve which should knit up pretty quickly I can see that with each piece the intarsia squirrel is getting neater so perhaps I am improving here??? I still would never choose to do an all over intarsia knit 'a la Kaffee Fasset' I think they would have to come and take me away in a straight jacket!!

I have ordered some more yarn, yes I am a bad girl, the person I have been spoiling in SP5 is the lovely Jacqueline and she has made the ribby cardy from Chicknits and although I have seen many finished ribbys on blogs everywhere none has grabbed me like hers so I am going to make one in the exact same yarn and colour. As I said to her I am sure we will never be in the same room at the same time wearing the same cardi, would we??

Today is my local S'n'B get together, I look forward to these meetings so much, funny how we all understand the lure of needles and yarn and never grow tired of chatting about it as well as seeing what everyone has worked on over the last month or which great patterns have been 'discovered'


Rachael said...

I often wonder about making similar things to other bloggers, but I suppose that's true, it'd be amazing if you happened to run into them wearing the same stuff LOL! Good luck with the ribby cardi, that looks like a great project. Happy school holidays. (my turn next week!)

jacqueline said...

i'm glad you've succumbed to the ribby cardi temptation! i can't wait to see how yours turns out. word of warning - don't go up a size as recommended in the pattern...and don't block the ribbing out. i think the closer fit is what makes the difference.

let me know if there is any other help i can offer you.

Rachael said...

Sharron I went here http://www.socknitters.com/lessons/gusset.html
And there is stuff about picking up an extra stitch near the corner?
"This series of photos (with Sande's explanation) shows how and where to pick up the extra stitch on the left side of the sock to eliminate the hole that often forms in the corner of the gusset."
(sorry to cut and paste that, but she explains it better than me!).
Funnily enough my hole is only on one side too! And yes it is my very first ever sock! Sock the second is getting cast on with 4.5mm needles and knit wiht 3.75 dpn's. These socks are my practice socks before I use the opal or jigsaw yarn! I was originally going to knit 3 and frog the first one, but I can't do that, I'm too attached to sock the first now LOL!

Katt said...

I want to make Ribby too! One day when I get time I will make it..I hope! lol.


JoanM said...

Are you watching the footie this weekend? The great South Australian derby will be happening just down the road from us tomorrow