Monday, September 26, 2005

My Labour Of Love Is Finished

Squirrel Jacket was finally finished last week I just have had a hard time getting the model and the jacket together when I have a few minutes to take some photos. He is not a very willing model might I add, hence the neck down shots, we compromised. I also wanted to take it along to SnB (knitting coven as Cindy calls it, I like the name, not saying that we are a bunch of witches??) to show it to everyone there first. It is knitted in Bendigo Woollen Mills Aran with Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran for the squirrels and other brown bits, everyone at SnB thought it funny that the squirrels cost more than the rest of the wool used in the jacket. I still can't say that I enjoy intarsia but a motif here or there is okay.

A huge big thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, yes I had a great day on Saturday, well put it this way I spent a lot of time resting (recovering) on the couch yesterday. I was very spoilt with lots of lovely pressies, especially my new mobile phone from Geoff and the kids, which now has a knitted pig cover, of course and my MIL also gave me a gift voucher to spend at my LYS.

That is about it for now, I did receive some wool from Bendigo last week which I am itching to start but I must finish a couple of almost completed items first, I am going to be strict, till next time happy knitting.


Katt said...

Glad to hear you had a great day!

Cant wait to see the Cardigan at the next meet up!!


Ada said...

I love the squirrel jacket. it turned out beautiful

Becky said...

Oh Sharon - I missed your birthday - I'm so sorry - I hope you had a lovely day. Your squirrel jacket looks just gorgeous - well done you. I wish I could have a feel of it !

jacqueline said...

what a great jacket! it looks fantastic

Marg B said...

Ooh!!! What a cozy-looking jacket. Looks fabulous!

Maggie B

Janette said...

That looks terrific - congratulations!

Suzi said...

I loved that jacket from the minute I saw it in the pattern book and I htink if it's possible I love it even more now I've seen it knitted up in the flesh so to speak. It's awesome!


Shel said...

Great job on squirrel jacket!

How far away is Bendigo from you?


Jenn said...

The jacket is so cute! I love the squirrels!