Friday, September 02, 2005

My SP Has Spoilt Me Again

This beautiful chunky hand dyed yarn is more green than the picture shows and it matches my lounge room beautifully. It is going to become a table runner on my coffee table so that I can constantly be reminded of my SP.

This is some lovely hand dyed yarn which is destined to become a pair of socks.

But wait there is more, look at all the goodies, I love all of them. I have had a wonderful person spoiling me, she has found such interesting and different gifts which has made the whole SP5 thing a wonderful experience for me, so I thank you so much. Now she also sent a seperate envelope with a note on the outside saying 'only to be opened when you need to know who I am! (no peeking!!)' Are you kidding I am dying to know who this special person is who knows all about me and I know nothing of her SO YES I PEEKED!!!!!!!! and I now know who my SP is and I am going over to her blog right now and start to find out a bit about her.

So a BIG THANKYOU BECKY for being a great secret pal and I know I have made a knitting friend for life.


Becky said...

Hi there Sharon

I have had such fun being your SP and I'm so glad you know who I am now !! I hope you liked all the things I sent you - I know I did !

I know we are moving to Oman, but that won't be for a couple of months and I shall definately be keeping up my blog - that is the beauty of internet friendships, it really doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can still be friends. I think I shall have to import most of my yarn though - I wouldn't imagine there would be a great demand for wool in Oman - but maybe silk ? Who knows.

So, I hope you have enjoyed SP5 as much as I have and don't forget if you want any English knitting stuff, just let me know.

Becky xx

Cathy said...

Thanks for dropping over.

Lucky you getting all you're goodies from your SP5 pal.

Do you know how to stop the %^&^*)% spammers from leaving comments on my blog.


Katt said...

Oooh that is some divine yarn! Cant wait to see it knitted up..You gonna bring it to the meeting next week for us to fondle?


jacqueline said...

wow - what a great haul! it looks like you were spoilt almost... and i said much as i was!!

although - i have to admit my secret pal kicks your secret pal's butt! ;-)

2paw said...

Wow, I love the wool - guess which one????
Did you have yourr number at Spotlight?? When they take so long I have to sit down, I need a Safari chair!!! You can't rely on their pricing andwhy do they bother with the signs then?????
Lots of surveys have shown that people are willing to pay for good service, I know I am. I hate it when I am forced to shop at Spotlight. Do bring your wool along for us to fondle!!!!