Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sock It To Me

Socks, I must knit socks, especially after seeing the fabulous new sock pattern over at KNITTY the socks are knitted toe up and I was going to make them to my own sock pattern and just adjust the stitches but the pattern is so easily written I figured it was a good way for me to learn. I am using Patons Patonyle knitted on 2.25mm needles, I always use my trusty old bamboo 2.5mm but as they are in use I had to use the smaller ones. The other sock is another opal, this time these are going to one of my dearest friends, remember the last pair I was working on for her I gave to MIL for her birthday, they are a suprise for her as she has always dropped little hints about having some of my handknitted socks so when finished I am going to post them to her so that she will get a nice little suprise in the mail.

Janelles opal socks in pink, what else, are done and dusted and I had to drag them off her feet to get this photo. I have knitted quite a few pairs of Opal socks and this is the second time that the printed pattern in the wool has turned back the other way, not happy when this happens as the wool is not cheap and you would expect better. I wound the wool so that at least the leg part of the socks matched as the feet will be hidden, but I am a perfectionist with my knitting so I am not 100% happy with them, but the main thing is that Janelle loves them so who cares?

Squirrel is 1/4 of the way sewn up, I love knitting, hate finishing but at least I have a bit of a deadline to get my act into gear, we are having a S'n'B on Tuesday and my fellow knitters want to see it FINISHED!!


Leeanne said...

You must be very committed to be able to knit and complete two pairs of socks at the same time.

Nice work.

Shel said...

love the blue!

Shel, co-UFO anon

Cathy said...

I'm having the same problem with the ball of Opal I'm working on. There was also a join in the middle of the ball as well and there wasn't a continuity of colour at the join either. (one side orange the other side cream/black tweed.)

Very disappointing when you pay so much for a ball of yarn.


Becky said...

Those pink socks are gorgeous - I must try socks out soon - I can't wait to see the squirrel jacket all finished - it looks so cosy.

Katt said...

Love the pink socks..LOVE that blue..I really am going to have to invest in some of that Patonyle blue when I can buy again.

You lot are making me not look forward to knitting that ball of Opal Sharyn gave me ;) lol

Cant wait to see the Squirel Cardy at the next meeting.


Michelle said...

wow!! so many pairs of socks!!! i want one too!! haha ^_^


jacqueline said...

don't tell me you suffer from the same matching sock angst that i do.

the stripey tiger said...

Man you have been busy Sharon!! I can't belive you have a 13 yo! Must be all that knitting keeping you young! the squirrel cardy is going to be an heirloom. I must knit some socks - Must knit soe socks must knit sme socks....xx Happy Knitting, Sharon. (aka Stripey)

Anonymous said...

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