Monday, September 12, 2005

Where Have I Been??

I do try and post every couple of days but the last week has just flown by and nothing has appeared here, but I did mention in the last entry that it is school holidays and that of course means that I have to fight three kids for the computer. I have however been busy knitting LOOK:

All the knitted pieces are finished now I have to block, which by the way I don't go to too much bother with blocking, I have always just used a damp tea towel and iron and voila my pieces are blocked. Purists are cringeing now but I find unless it is a very heavy lace pattern this is all that is needed and I always press on the wrong side of the piece. There are a lot of ends to sew in so that will take a while and then the final piecing together and sewing up, so hopefully by the end of the day I may just have a finished item. Must go now, I can feel eyes peering at me to see if I am off the computer yet!!


Cathy said...

Ashleys cardi pieces look good. Will they appear as a completed item at Cafe Centro next week?

DH has his own blog now. A link is on my blog.


2paw said...

Dear Sharon - I'm, a bit slow : the Rowanspun came from The Wool Shack. It was on super sale, I think it has been discontinued so it was just the leftovers. I forgot, too, to bring your photocopy of the aran shrug. I will bring that, and the little pg socks to the cafe next week!!!
Will you bring the squirrel jacket and the wool so we can all fondle ???

Ada said...

your knitting looks beautiful can't wait to see it completed

jacqueline said...

that looks fantastic. i can't wait to see the finished modelled shots. great job (but hell - i expect nothing less!)

Rachael said...

Sharon, what an amazing jumper. Looking forward to seeing it all sewn up!

Michelle said...

looking forward to see the jumper!! happy sewing!!


Katt said...

Looks good so far. Cant wait to see it all finished.


Becky said...

I totally agree with you on the blocking thing - I never block properly - a swift iron with a steam iron on the wrong side seems to do the trick for me. Nothing wrong with that !

The cardi looks fantastic by the way.