Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Look What Turned Up

The postman delivered the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed I ordered from Ozeyarn and it is so yummy, the colour is Willow, so now I can start my very own Ribby and look I also got a free tote bag which is so roomy so that I can keep all the yarn, knitting and pattern in there. Did I resist temptation to cast on? Are you kidding no way Ribby is on the needles and started.

Must go now I am looking after my 4 year old nephew this morning so I don't think there will be any knitting being done.


2paw said...

Oh, what lovely wool - will there be fondling next week??? You knit so fast it will probably almost be finished!!!I am glad the recipe was what you needed!! Do you want to borrow the book? I can bring it along for you next week?

Rachael said...

Have fun with Ribby!
and may the force be with you for the looking after of your 4 year old nephew, hey you'll have fun...no knitting, but lots of fun!

Cathy said...

Guess what turned up in the mail today?

My yarn that I ordered from the knitting yarn shop.

Will have to bring them along for a fondle next week.


Michelle said...

fondle?? err..what are you ladies talking about? hehehe.