Monday, October 03, 2005


I read somewhere on someones blog once about 'if this was a confession box I would be in deep....' well I can so relate to that because I have been a little quiet, not only blogging but reading my favourite blogs also. No excuses really just that some weeks I have more on than others or more specifically my children have more things on. I went to Salamanca market on Saturday with my GEMS girls group which was a lot of fun but also stressful at times keeping my group of 6 together and not losing any of them, they are 11 year olds so need I say more. We travelled by bus which was great because I actually got quite a bit of knitting done, I started another pair of opal socks especially to have some plain, transportable knitting to take. I finally have finished the other pair of opal socks for Fiona, which she absolutely loves and I have included a photo of them.

My fellow SnBer Cathy has this wonderful word 'STARTITIS' for whenever she has this urge to start lots of projects at the one time, and I do believe I am suffering from startitis big time. I have started 3 new projects and still have another 2 in my WIP basket, the trouble with Tasmanias weather at this time of the year is that you can get a cold winters day today and tomorrow it can be warm enough to wear t-shirts and then the next day can be back to thick woolly jumpers again. So I think that is what is creating this startitis problem, one day I want to knit spring inspired things and the next I am back into the nice warm things, anyway I have started a vest thinking that it may fit somewhere in between. On Tuesday we are having our SnB get together so the vest is what I will be taking along to that, we are meeting at the Muffin Kitchen which as the name suggests has the yummiest muffins, looking forward to it, anyway I must go now and put the silverside on in the slow cooker so the troops have something for dinner tonight.


2paw said...

Sharon - you have a life!! Don't apologise for not blogging : you were living!!!! What are GEMS?( Girls Enjoying Meeting with Sharon???)?I always hated excursions, not because the children were naughty or anything like that, but because I was in charge of 30 children's lives and spent the whole time being worried. It is such a responsibility. Did you all have numbers? We always did the numberng off thing!!!
Love the socks!! Ditto the weather and knitting. I always have 4 or more things on the go to suit different knitting ocassions. I am looking forward to the Muffin Kitchen tomorrow!! See you there...

Suzi said...

Silence has kept us wanting more! Has she updated today? No. Has hse updated today? No. Has she updated today? No.
Has she updated today/ YES!!!

Love the socks! IS it possible the whole world ahs gone sock mad or is this perhaps some weird bug that has affected us here in Launceston?

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Katt said...

The sock looks great.

I have both startitus..and nonbloggus...

The vest looks lovely too.


JoanM said...

Hey Sharon,
Put me down for startitis and nonbloggus this week too

Rachael said...

Perhaps I have can't-finish-itis?
Love the socks. Need to produce some FO's (oh it could be foitis!) before I allow myself to start my opals.