Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Introducing Jayde

Yesterday was the Christmas get together for our Launceston Stitch and Bitch group and yesterday I witnessed something so kind and thoughtful it not only bought a tear to my eye but made me realise what a special knitting group I belong to. The lovely KATT made us all one of these beautiful little babies, each one different, she has posted a picture on her blog of them all HERE her daughter, sorry can't remember which one, named all the girls and mine was Jayde so I am keeping that name as she looks like a Jayde to me. I spell my girls Jayde with a 'y' as one of my friends has a son named Jade. So as you can probably tell I was pretty chuffed with her 'secret project' that she has been mentioning in her blog.

But wait there was more happening at this great party, yummy food, a bit of knitting, of course even if not as much as usual, CINDY made us all a lovely little Christmas coaster/tree ornament together with handmade cards. Speaking of CINDY she is not well at the moment so she only stayed for a short while, I hope you are feeling better soon especially for our final get together for the year in two weeks time. A lovely bag of goodies from Sandra and to top it all off we had a prize draw which I was lucky enough to win and look what was in the bag:

Isn't he so adorable, look at those eyes, I think I may have lost him though, Ashley took him to bed with him last night and has also named him 'Doggy' and has been carrying him around with him everywhere this morning.

So do I belong to a special knitting group or what?? It is 12 months now since I stumbled across this great bunch of people and I look so forward to our meet-ups and chats on line, you are a terrific bunch of gals!!!! Suzi, Sandra, Margaret, Katt, Cathy, Cindy & Eileen.


Katt said...

I am glad you love Jayde so much..And I so adore how you spelt it.

I also hope Cindy is doing a lot better.

Rachelle was the little bumpkin that named them all.


Becky said...

Sounds like you belong to a really special group there - lucky you. Hope you are having a lovely time and Jayde is gorgeous.

Michelle said...

my momo had that toy dog for christmas last year which we bought from coles..but a few months down the road, the poor toy lost his santa hat, ears and tails..haha