Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rowan Denim

I borrowed Fishermen's Sweaters by Alice Starmore from the library last year and went into raptures over Mystic, which became a 'must knit.'

It has a beautiful aran pattern complete with knitted anchors and is knitted in Rowan Denim and the pattern requires 25 balls which I thought at the time 'no problem I will find where I can get some from and knit it up.' Ha!! who was I kidding, to buy it here in Australia it was going to cost well over $300 plus postage, so that idea went straight out the window and the book went back to the library. Yes I could have knitted in other yarn but as the jumper was designed for that specific yarn and as Rowan Denim shrinks considerably I wasn't game enough to modify the pattern. So Mystic was going to be shelved indefinately, or so I thought, then I discovered THIS EBAY STORE in the UK. While still being a very expensive yarn, I could buy it for less than half the price of buying it within Australia, including postage from the UK. I showed DH and he said to go ahead and order it if I wanted it, which I did straight away before he changed his mind.

It has arrived and although I am very tempted to cast on, I must finish all UFO's first and besides as Mystic has such a seaside theme it will be a perfect holiday project and being 100% cotton should be quite okay to knit over summer. I have said to DH that it can be my Christmas present this year as nothing else could top Rowan Denim, now only a knitter would say that!!!!


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Wow, thats the best Chrissie pressie ever, I am treating myself to a pack of denim cotton similar to yours as it shrinks etc for a v neck pullover and its cost me $ 80 through my local yarn shop.I laybyed it a while ago,and am so looking forward to picking it up.Its a Freedom yarn,there I remembered it. Have fun finishing the UFO's,,Cathy

2paw said...

Oh it is so lovely!!! I know that feeling - I have things to finish too - and I want to start new ones!!!!

Becky said...

Oh Sharon - how lovley that you managed to get the yarn you wanted. You know though - although I'm not in the UK anymore - I have lots of friends that would be more than willing to help me out with yarn purchases and then send them on to you - so if you need anything else, let me know and I'm sure we can make an three way inter-continental arrangement !

Can't wait to see that jumper knitted up, it looks fabulous and you are such a quick knitter I'm sure you will have it done in no time flat !

Katt said...

Oooh Rowan Denim!!! I am so jealous!!

Mind you I might have to keep that ebay seller under my faves! If I can ever buy yarn again and work on Adam to let me get some costly stuff I know where I am going ;)


JoanM said...

Wow, what a great find. It is so expensive to buy yarn here. I think you are right about not messing with the stated wool. That is why I am having so much trouble with the Starmore I have adapted. It is just not cold enough in Adelaide for the thicker wools

the stripey tiger said...

Woah Baby - what a haul!! Looking forward to hearing about how its knits up!! :-)