Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Everybody's Knitting Socks

Sock knitting is taking over the world it seems, everywhere people are knitting socks well the peoples whose blogs I have been reading anyway. I too have been knitting socks but only one pair at a time, until I visited CINDY'S BLOG and saw her feather and fan socks. I went through the WIP basket and frogged the toe up socks I was working on but I wasn't real happy with and voila I now am working on feather and fan socks too. I did a search and found many variations of feather and fan socks but I decided to do them 'my way' I will write the pattern up when I am finished so that I can add mine to the growing list of patterns available out there for these socks.

I also discovered something else on Cindy's blog that made me very excited, there is a new on line yarn store YARNS ON LINE AUSTRALIA and they sell Brown Sheep Lambs Pride, yippeeee!! I had been chasing this yarn last year and found it was going to cost an arm and a leg to get it here to Australia, as unfortunately most overseas yarns do, unless you can buy them off ebay using PayPal. The colour range for Brown Sheep Lambs Pride is huge and it comes in both worsted and bulky or 10 and 14-16ply for us Aussies. So a big thanks Cindy for that, DH may not agree he he.


2paw said...

Oh, your socks look lovely!!!! The yarn suits the pattern perfectly!!!
So glad you can have the Brown Sheep wool. In the USA you can have about 64 different colours of green in the Cascade 220!!So many greens, so little time!!!

Shelley said...

Your sock looks great! Is it a hard pattern to do...that is, can a beginner sock knitter do it easily? lol

trek said...

Socks are so cool and so addictive and you can't possibly have too many!

JoanM said...

The feather and fan looks great in socks. I wish you hadn't mentioned that new shop. First thing I saw was Madil Kidsilk - which I used for the shawl. It is soooooooooo beautiful and soooooooooooo expensive and my stash is already sooooooooooooooooo out of hand

Cathy said...

The feather and fan sock looks lovely.

I will have to get the pattern off you.


melissa said...

feather and fan looks good doesn't it .. so simple, but so attractive .
i'll be interested to see your pattern .. i have one somewhere from ..stitches of violet ..but havent done it yet.
exciting too is affordable cascade in australia ..

Rachael said...

I received my first order from that fab shop on Wednesday arvo, from my Sunday night order, that's from Vic to QLD which takes forever...trust me! Anyway, I've already planned the next order...and they sell clover notions stuff too! Nice sock btwm the first half of my first real pair are almost done!