Friday, January 20, 2006

My Blog Is One Year Old Today

Twelve whole months ago I took the nervous plunge into the world of blogging, I say nervous because I had only a few months earlier worked out how to send emails to people. So you can get the picture here, I was not very computer minded at all but after discovering DONNA'S BLOG I was hooked and then went looking for others and realised that SUZI and KATT my fellow S'n'Bs had one and then as you do, decided that I definately wanted one too. Little did I realise what 'nervous' fun I would have along the way, learning how to add a photo for one and then learning about html which was all totally foreign in the early days. But the best thing of all has been the wonderful people you meet along the way, the knitting bloggers community out there is awesome and it is a great place for sharing ideas and getting help when we get stuck on a pattern or want to know how to add something to our blogs or simply show off our latest FO's. Not to mention where we find so many things that we 'must knit' because we have coveted the finished item on someones blog, anyway it has been a wonderful year.

The Opal Doktorfisch Socks, I used my sock pattern which can be found HERE, I can knit these in my sleep now I have used this pattern so many times but it is a good fitting easy sock pattern. As you can tell by my white legs, I wear long skirts or 3/4 trousers in summer, come to think of it I don't even think I own a pair of shorts!!

On Tuesday we went to the RSPCA to adopt a kitten, well isn't that the most difficult decision to make, their little faces all look at you with a look that says 'pick me, pick me'. The lady in charge told us to take our time and one would choose us, and one did

meet 'Rocky', he is about 9 weeks old and yes he definately chose us. When we first walked into the place where the kittens are kept he was in his basket and spun his little head around to look at us and then when we walked outside to look at the kittens who were outside he followed us. I left the choice up to the kids and all three of them looked at me and said it has to be that one, he is following us he must like us. He is such an affectionate little kitten which is exactly what we all needed after the upset of losing both Tabby and Tiger. Rocky is going to become one spoilt cat let me tell you. I was sitting in my favourite chair reading Delicious magazine which had just arrived in the mail, surprisingly before it hit the supermarket shelves this month, when this is where he decided he wanted to have a nap.

This has definately been a much longer post than my very first but I definately am looking forward to another fun year of knitting and blogging xx


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Well done with your Blogs birthday,I am still working mine out and have a lot to do,I hope the more experienced bloggers who may look at mine don't get frustrated, but I haven't had time lately to expand but I'm getting there.You on the other hand are doing verry well!!!!
Love the doctor fish socks, I am contemplating a couple of pair of socks from an ebay seller in Holland,some of those available are simply "Must Have"ones!!

Donna said...

Happy Blog Birthday! I like the pattern of those socks knitted up :)

Liz said...

When we adopted our cat from the SPCA, we also let her chose us. Best decision we ever made cat wise.

Cool socks too!

2paw said...

Rocky is so gorgeous!!! You are like a pirate, but with a cat!!! I can see Rocky feels right at home already ..I am humming the Rocky Theme...da da daaaaaaaaaa, da da daaaaaaaaaa!!! Happy Blogday too!!!
Shorts? What are shorts??? Your socks sripe so well!!
Love Cindy,
Harki and Peri

Cathy said...

Rocky is soooooooooooooo gorgeous. I agree that cats choose their family then they rule the roost for life.

By the way Happy Blogiversary.


Shelley said...

Happy blogiversary! It is a great day (Jan. 20) to celebrate...also because it is my 37th birthday lol.

I love you new kitten...he's so cute! I'm a cat lover myself so I'm naturally drawn to all things cat!

Those socks look great! I love those colours too! I'm gonna have to order me some of that yarn...from what I saw at their site, they don't have any stores listed here in Canada that sell it, so I'll have to email one of the stores in the States to see how much it costs and how much shipping would cost for them to send it to me...and then convert Canadian money to American...they need to get that yarn up here and make things easier for me LOL.

Rachael said...

Happy blog birthday Sahron, did you know you were my inspiration, I found you thru the WoolShack forum and the rest is thankyou! and many happy returns

Katt said...

Congrats on your blogiversary! Its great when you reach it isnt it?

Rocky is gorgeous!! Tara sits like that on me too at times. Looks like a big kitten too for a 9wk old! Looks huge compaired to Tara who is older.


jacqueline said...

happy blogiversary! i for one am glad you started blogging!

JoanM said...

Happy birthday for your blog. I was looking enviously at your weather chick. Lucky you 20 degrees.
I love your new kitty. Hope all goes well. Sharon you are an inspiration for bloggers as you have taught me lots and now I see you have added progress bars...........You are clever.

kittensmittens said...

happy blog birthday!
cute socks and cute kitty

moxie said...

Happy Blog-birthday! The picture of you with your new kitten is precious. Kitties are the best when they choose you... my cat chose us as well by crawling into our car engine while we were in a restaurant. Once we got her out, she wouldn't leave us alone, and she's been our baby ever since.

Suzi said...

Happy 1st Birthday! Here's too many more years to come!

The socks have knitted up amazing!

I am green with envy as Rocky looks adorable, and a decent size I may have to get eh white cat a playmate after all.


Leeanne said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

We too adopted from the rspca, a little dog called Max. He was born there with his brothers and sisters, he was the last boy left and is now 7mths old and still a playful puppy.

Have fun with your rocky

Janette said...

A little late but, Happy Blog Day! Love the new kitty too.

Mary said...

What a sweetie! Looks like he's adopted you as his "momma". Good choice you made!

Kylie said...

Rocky is so adorable, he looks right at home:)