Monday, February 13, 2006


Today I get my house back, the kids are back to school. I am going to sit down with a nice cup of coffee and then get stuck into tidying up the house, getting it back to how I like it to be. Not tripping over leggo blocks, getting tangled up in Playstation cords, and not having to retreat to my bedroom for a bit of peace and quiet oh and of course fighting everybody for time on the computer. Oh don't get me wrong I love school holidays and I love having my children home, but I also love having my life and my house back in some kind of order.

Yesterday was Haydens 11th birthday, so happy birthday young man, you are growing up way too fast.

This was nearly going to be a non-knitting post but I can't go without telling you that the ends are sewn in the Lighthouse sock and I have sewn up the back seam of the intarsia piece, which of course old Mrs. fussy pants here is not at all happy with, but are we ever totally happy with our knitting????


Cathy said...

I think all knitters are critical of their own work.

Happy birthday for yesterday Hayden.


2paw said...

Happy Birthday to hayden!!
Happy Get Your House back to you!!
I know the feeling, all my friends are back at school today. No more lunches and brunches during the week - so I'll really be looking forward to the Knitting Coven!!
I hate the sewing up too. I can make nice neat, even knitting and then my sewing up is all boogelly!!! I will post a photo of my socks a bit later on!!!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!

I agree with Cathy...I think all knitters are critical of their own work.

Hope you'll post some pics of the socks!

trek said...

Thanks for the comment, S, and Happy B-day to your little guy.

I'm sure the socks will work out just fine down under, too.

Michelle said...

hi shaz!! i just got back in perth last week after visiting my family back in malaysia for 2 weeks. how have you been? the weather here is hot hot hot!!!


Katt said...

Happy Belated Birthday Hayden.

I know I am my own worse critic about my knitting. I am never 100% happy with anything I knit (99.999% sometimes but not 100%).


Leeanne said...

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Hayden.

My boy turns 11 in March.

Scary how fast they grow. Is Hayden as tall as you are? Daniel is up to my nose.