Monday, February 20, 2006

Australian Made

As you may or may not know, I have been having a whinge lately about the lack of quality yarns available here in Australia. We have plenty of wool producing sheep here, but unfortunately most of the fleece finds its way overseas to be manufactured into knitting yarn and that is the last we see of it. Spotlight imports a lot of crap yarns which sell well because they are cheap, cheap crap maybe but herein lies the problem, the majority of us looking for quality yarns are forced to buy from overseas. So with most Australians buying imported yarns either through local retailers here or over the internet we are in fact working against our own locally produced yarns.

So it was refreshing to find KATIE who feels the same way and fortunately she has the talent to do something about it and is doing her bit towards helping us Aussie knitters out here. I bought some yummy 4ply variegated 100% merino yarn

which is destined to become a pair of socks in the not too distant future. She also makes needle rolls and beaded stitch markers and judging by the sample card she popped in with the order, complete with one of her lovely stitch markers, I will be buying some more of these delightful yarns.


A huge big thanks for your kind reassuring comments about the lighthouse socks, I have since completed the intarsia work on sock #2 and I am much happier with them now. There still may be sock #3 yet, especially as try as I might I could not make the same mistake twice and I am totally bamboozled as to how I did it in the first place??? Another one of those little knitting mysteries!!


2paw said...

Yes!! Her yarn is gorgeous, that's my scarf wool!! and my extra lovely Eucalyptus Soysilk!!!!
Don't you hate that when you can't replicate the first sock?? I make copious notes and I still miss things out sometimes!!! Can't wait till tomorrow to see them!!!

Katt said...

I cant wait to get my yarn from Katie!! Will have to check the P.O. Box tody to see if its in!

I am getting the merino 4ply! Mine is destined to be something from Demz's little boy.


Katt said...

ooopsie! I am getting the baby aplaca (not the merino) that I see she doesnt sell anymore! Glad I got in when I did then! :D


Shelley said...

The yarn looks pretty, and I can't wait to see the resulting socks you make with it.

It's great that you guys want to help boost your economy and keep some of your own products there. I hate when things get shipped out and you have to order them in from elsewhere...end up paying shipping & handling, customs, higher amount for the product, etc. Just doesn't seem fair does it.

trek said...

That is some AWESOME sock yarn!!!

Cathy said...

That sock yarn is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

I may have to wait a little to get some though as the sock stash needs to be reduced a bit more before I buy any more. Sigh!!!


BlackCrow said...

This is a very naughty link to KATIES, I've been put on a budget:(

But I really like the sock yarn Elizabeth in antique rose!!!

BF won't need to know, nobody here will tell him!
Ok I'm going to hit the checkout button!!!!!

BlackCrow said...

shhhh I bought it!!!:)
This will be for my first pair of socks!

Wool Winder said...

Pretty yarn! It's a shame there's not more quality yarn in Australia. It really doesn't make sense.

JoanM said...

I have been getting some advice about dyeing yarn, and I may try that soon to overcome the problem a little

Lynne said...

The lighthouse sock looks great! A little practice on the seaming and it will be perfect! I've bee eyeballing Katie's yarn for a while.... sigh. No sock yarn for a while - I've only got another six skeins bought and just arrived or on their way to me... ooops.

Belinda said...

thanks for the link to Katie's yarn. I just love the antique Rose colourway. I may just need to get myself some.